Business Australia.

It is our aim to introduce business owners to residents in all areas across Australia. We believe in supporting local business which would create employment opportunities in those areas, and we encourage you to do the same.

The mission of this site is to list as many Australian and New Zealand businesses, which belong to Ex South African business people.
We would like to get South African business owners to trade inter states and internationally, to ensure products from home are freely available at affordable prices.

We live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland (QLD), Australia, which explains why most of the business listings are currently from this area however that would not necessary be the case in the future.
We have started the SAussies Business Directory to assist Sunshine Coast Businesses to engage with one another as well as the public but our aim is to expand inter state as well as into New Zeeland and who know, we might get some South African companies listed here as well, specially those who want to trade with Australian and New Zeeland businesses.

If you wish to register your business with us, you are most welcome to do so, just follow the link to our Business Directory.
This service is currently free and it is our intention to keep it that way.