MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses)

Are you aware that there are Non-Degree level Online training courses, which is free, that you can do in your own time. These courses are presented globally, have a mere unlimited enrollment capacity and generally only require the desire to learn, not a specific educational level.
In some cases you might receive a certificate after completion of your assignments but in a lot of cases you might not care about the certification at all, you just want gain the knowledge to do something you always wanted to do but did not know how to or where to start.
Remember to do proper research before you start, to ensure you know exactly what the specific course material will include or don’t include as well as what, if any kind of certification is awarded after completion.

For more information you can follow the following links:

Training courses are available form a number of global institutions, the examples listed on this page are not by any means a recommendation but rather an introduction to MOOCS in general. It is every potential students responsibility to investigate the relevance of this type of learning, before proceeding.
We don’t take responsibility for any study content, neither do we recommend studying at any of the institutions that provide this service, it is the sole responsibility of the individual to decide whether this information is relevant in their unique situation.

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